Introducing Julie Seward, Assistant Accountant CTC Services

Introducing Julie Seward, Assistant Accountant CTC Services

We continue to showcase the talent that works behind the scenes at CTC accountants

Assistant Accountant, Julie Seward

Hi Julie, thanks for talking to us today. You’ve lived in the Hastings for a while?

For a very long time! I was born and bred in Wauchope. I left the area for study over 2 years and returned back in 1991.

So you’ve always lived in the area?

Oh yes! For all but 2 years. I studied in Lismore, When I finished in 1991, I got a job with Chris McGeoch-Chartered Accountant. Chris was an original founding principal of CTC.

What do you love about living in the Hastings/Port region?

There is not one specific thing, it’s the whole package. It’s such a beautiful area to live, the rivers & beaches are pretty special. And it’s wonderful place to raise a family.

What do you like doing in your spare time? 

My husband and I like to camp or day trip around the mid or far north coast. I A\am partial to a game of touch football or going to the gym, though I wouldn’t call that relaxing!. Coastal walks, a kayak or SUP, relaxing at the beach & catching up with friends is always good.

You’ve worked at CTC Accounting Services for a while now. What’s your role there?

This is going to show my age…… I have been with the business since 1991, when it was originally Chris McGeoch. I  left for about 4 years to start a family and returned part time in 1999 and have been here ever since. What do I do? I assist the accountants (& clients) with bookkeeping and data entry, BAS, taxation return preparation and other compliance work where needed.

How does CTC ad value to its client’s business?

We are a small personalized firm, readily available to assist our clients. We can tailor make packages to suit the clients needs, assisting them as little or as much as they need. This can give them the opportunity to spend more time to focus on their business, and less time doing administration and ATO compliance, as we can look after this side of things for them. I currently assist clients with their weekly payroll, software reconciliation, as well as monthly or quarterly BAS and superannuation obligations.

How would you say is CTC different from other accounting businesses in our region?

Being a smaller boutique firm, CTC offers a more accessible and personal approach to its business clients, not just at tax time but throughout the whole year.

What do you think the 3 things are businesses should be planning for throughout 2021?

Not really me to comment. Probably more for accountants to comment on, but assuming along the lines of budgets, cash flow etc.

Thanks for talking to us Julie!

You’re welcome!

Julie was interviewed by Adams Marketing Group for this blog post.

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